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PNWGPG Growers sweep Half Moon Bay!!!!!

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**********Current World Record : 2624.6  lbs
Mathias Willemijns*************
*****New  U.S.  Record: 2363 lbs Joel Holland******
*****PNWGPG Membership******

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We would like to invite you and your family to become members of the Pacific Northwest Giant Pumpkin Growers (PNWGPG). Our organization is dedicated to creating goodwill and friendship through the fascinating sport / hobby of growing Giant Pumpkins 

As a member of the PNWGPG, you will receive at least 3 newsletters each year with helpful and informative articles relative to growing the "big ones". Club activities presently include an internet seed auction, membership seed distribution each spring, patch tours,a late winter/early spring growers' seminar complete with seed raffle, and 4 Giant Pumpkin weigh-offs to round out the schedule. 

The club has 4 Pacific Northwest sites of the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth weighoffs - which occur on Saturdays in October throughout North America.

The vast number of growers in our pumpkin club do their best to help and encourage new growers. Our wish is for you to become a part of what is truly an enjoyable sport / hobby. 
PNWGPG Membership

Current Board :

Ron Barker  - Interim President
Wendy Bitney- Treasurer
Beth Worthington- Secretary
Ron Barker - Seed chair
Ryan Joyner- Site Coordinator

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PNWGPG Grower Joel Holland with his Half Moon Bay winning 2363 lb
pumpkin which becomes the new U.S, Record, Half Moon Bay Record, Washington State Record and personal record !!  Congratulations Joel !!

******PNWGPG Growers Sweep Half Moon Bay***************

Led by Joel Holland's behemoth,  Cindy Tobeck and Jeff Uhlmeyer
made it a 1-2-3 sweep for the PNWGPG at Half Moon Bay.

Cindy had a new personal best of 2002 lbs,  and Jeff broke his record
with a 1927 lb entry.   Congratulations Joel, Cindy and Jeff for an impressive
showing !!!
Cindy's 2002 lber                             Jeff's  1927 lber