Fair Registration Instructions

1.Go to http://wwf.fairmanager.com/
2.At the top right, click on “Sign In”
3.Choose “Exhibitor”
4.Enter your First and Last Name in the appropriate boxes, then check the appropriate circle for whether you have previously registered or not.
If you have previously registered, you can enter your password to automatically retrieve your information from previous entries.
If you have not previously registered, you will be prompted to create a password and enter your personal information. Once complete, click “Continue” twice.
5.Click “Create Entries” choose the following and then click “Add to Cart”:
Department: Agriculture Horticulture Show
Division: Giant Pumpkin or Squash
Class: Select either Adult (2605) or Junior (2606)
6.Click “Continue” if you have no other entries, then click “Check-out”
7.Type “YES” in the signature box, then click “Submit”